Tips for Measuring Video Marketing Metrics

Video marketing is a great way to get a message and CTA to your audience. But, like all marketing campaigns, you must measure the right metrics to assess how your campaign is performing. Determine what video marketing success looks like for your brand and measure the success with these metrics.


Who watches your video and for how long?

Who makes up your audience? What is their gender, age and where are they from? According to Hubspot, this is important because you can get insights on who your brand is resonating with, maybe despite your intentions. It is important to know who is watching your videos so that you can make your messaging specific and modify content to match a specific group.


How long are people watching your video for?

Did people stop watching your video after 1 minute or 10 seconds? This information is critical because it can tell you if your video content is telling people something they want to know in a way they can understand. This can also help you determine if your video is on the right platform or not. For example, if you put an in-depth tutorial on Facebook it may be the wrong channel, but if you put that same video on YouTube and push it on your website it could hold retention ver well, according to Hubspot. YouTube is a major platform for video marketing, reporting over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.


How many rewatches does your video get?

Rewatches are how many times a person has watched either your entire video or parts of it. Rewatches tell you that someone is contemplating your message and has moved into the 

consideration stage about your product or service. This information can help you build specific emails lists and content.


What is your Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

CTR isn’t unique to video, but it is important. CTR is the percentage of viewers who click on the (CTA) that you included in your video content. Your CTR will give you an indication of how successful your video is at encouraging viewers to take your desired action, according to Skeleton Productions. If you are not satisfied with your CTR, try placing in at a different spot in your video or changing the visuals.