2018 Mobile Marketing Trends and Tips

Social media, video and website navigation and accessibility are all important elements to mobile, on-the-go consumers. Read on to learn how utilizing mobile platforms will help your marketing efforts thrive in 2018.


Social Media

In 2012, only 10 percent of Facebook’s revenue came through mobile, according to Hubspot. Today, Facebook recognizes that its growing success is directly related to mobile with 82 percent of their revenue coming from mobile users.


Social media, by nature, is mobile. According to Hubspot, 80 percent of social traffic comes from mobile devices. Marketing Profs reports that 98 percent of time spent on Instagram comes from mobile usage, with Twitter following close behind at 86 percent. Snapchat’s traffic is 100 percent from mobile while Pinterest stand at a whopping 92 percent. The utilization of social media ads platforms are also important for getting the most out of your mobile marketing. That said, Hubspot reports that companies don’t need a huge budget to be successful with mobile marketing.



Today, it’s absolutely vital that your video content is mobile friendly. According to Marketing Profs, mobile video views have widely increased over the past five years. Through the video medium, targeting a younger audience can be simple, as millenials are three times more likely to watch video on their phones and mobile devices. In fact, nearly half of millennials report that they strictly watch videos on their mobile phones and not laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.



According to Marketing Profs, mobile website accessibility is extremely important to users. In fact, 57 percent of users said they would not recommend a business that had a poorly designed and ill-functioning mobile website. Another 61 percent of users said they are highly unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble with and are more likely to look at a competitor’s website instead.