4 Ways to Get More Love from Your Followers

Valentine’s Day is coming up, a day full of showcasing your love for the special people in your life. But I don’t think this display of devotion should be limited to your significant other! Here is a not-so-classified social media secret – if you show your followers love, you will get more love from your followers! There are a few ways you can shower your followers with affection so they fall for your brand.

Photo credit: Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ / Foter / CC BY

Hold Contests

Hosting a contest is a great way to reward your followers and get even more to fall in love with your brand. Make sure the contest you host is easy to get involved in. The best way to get people to participate is to have them follow you on the platform you are hosting the contest and have them like or comment on your post. Making it too complicated will make participation drop.

Offer Specials

Thank your followers for being so great! Offer them a discount or special promotion exclusive to the platform they are on. Followers will appreciate this consideration, creating warm fuzzy feelings for your brand.

Tailor Content

What better way to please your followers than to push content that they love to see? Go back through some of your most popular posts and see what made them so successful. Then create new content that has the elements that impressed your audience in the past.

Include High Quality Images in Posts

Much like diamonds are a girl’s best friend on Valentine’s Day, incredible images are your follower’s best friend on social media. Find and create stunning high quality images that provide value to your followers. This can be:

  • Excellent product images in an inspiring setting
  • Intriguing facts or stats overlayed on an image
  • Word cloud quotes
  • Simple how-to instructions that go with the image

When you show your followers how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day, you will see that love come back in return. Try some of these tactics to create a special bond between your brand and your followers.