5 Tips to Maximize Revenue From Your Landing Pages

Posted By: Kerry Phouthavong

For some businesses, it might be difficult to seek out solutions as to why they aren’t generating as much revenue as they expected. Author and consultant Mikal Belicove, from produced a helpful video which offers tips that can maximize revenue for your landing pages.

  1. Align your source message to the message that’s on your landing page
  2. Make sure the source that is driving traffic page to your landing page, the message from that source is aligned with the message that’s on that landing page. There’s nothing worse than getting to a landing page because of a promise for something and not being able to find that item.

  3. Make your copy short, sweet, and to the point, (it’s not a sales letter)
  4. For businesses and startups, it’s more ideal to 8 seconds or less to get somebody to do something.

  5. Have a strong call to action
  6. Make sure the call to action is visually stunning and present on the page. There should be no question on anyone’s mind on why they’re on that page. They are there because you want them to do something. Also, don’t be afraid to ask.

  7. Use a light background color
  8. Don’t make people feel like they are inside of a cave when they get to your site. Dark colors are out and light airy colors are in. Make sure you are using color to your advantage. You may need to do research and identify what colors customers in your space are going to identify with.

  9. Don’t ask for too much information
  10. Be very careful with how much you ask for. It’s fine if you ask for their name, email, their zip code, etc. If you’re going to ask for their buying demographics, their age, and their income, you’re starting to add obstacles. Establish a dialog with that customer before you dive too deep. Fulfill the promise that the landing page offers, which is to deliver a white paper, give them a call back, etc. Engage them enough to produce an effective relationship where you can ask them those more in-depth questions.

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