The 5 W’s of Twitter Marketing

Posted by: Jamie Sutera, VP of R&D, Jennings

Now that many social networking sites have evolved, Twitter is capturing interest. A recent article, written by Eric Tsai from,  explains the 5 W’s and 1 H of Twitter. These tools will help businesses know why to Tweet, who to Tweet, what to Tweet, when to Tweet, where to Tweet and how to Tweet.

what people use twitter for statistics Social Media Science: The Five Ws of Twitter Marketing

  1. Why Tweet
  2. People love to use Twitter to update their personal or professional lives as well as to comment on a relatively wide range of topics.

    Why people follow people?
    Another interesting data from Dan Zarrella’s research reveals a list of names you can call yourself to get more followers than the average Twitter account. These names are ‘founder’, ‘expert’, ‘official’, just to name a few. People naturally like to follow authorities that “appears” to have some sort of influence.

  3. Who Tweets
  4. Despite its popularity, Twitter has yet to go mainstream. But it’s still interesting to see who is using Twitter to identify the demographic should you decide to focus on this channel. There are actually a much higher percentage of African Americans and Hispanics use Twitter than whites.
    The interesting part of it is that Twitter seems to self-segregate around topics and issues with different ethnic groups. So instead of bringing people together in new and innovative ways via technology and Internet, people are more divide as a result.

  5. What to Tweet
  6. What should you tweet? Well, it really depends on why you’re using Twitter for what purpose. Needless to say that in marketing “everything is a test” so make sure you are sending out interesting, relevant tweets that communicates value.

  7. When to Tweet
  8. If you’ve done email marketing, you know the importance of timely delivery. It’s about being at the right place at the right time and this applies to Twitter as well. According to HubSpot’s report, the best day to tweet is Thursday and Friday while the best times to tweet are 3-5 pm as well as 9–11pm Eastern Time.

    Again like the W for “what to tweet” time to tweet serves as a good foundation to start sending out your well crafted tweets. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you won’t get retweets or clicks during off peak hours, you just have less traffic to engage with but it also means less competition.

    Similar to how often you check your emails, how Twitter users check their tweets also reveals the fact that half of the Twitter users never check their streams which means there is a high chance that they simply won’t get to read majority of your tweets.

  9. Where to Tweet
  10. Much like the diversity we see in who’s tweeting, the location of where people are tweeting is relatively proportional. Location can be a key piece if you’re business requires foot traffic such as retail stores, restaurants or if you’re selling to a specific geographic. Its just another metric to keep your eyes on and overtime you may see a trend developing that’s worth conducting another split testing.

  11. How People Tweet
  12. According to Twitter’s own blog post “The Evolving Ecosystem,” 16% of all new users to Twitter start on mobile now. Besides Twitter app for mobile devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry being the most popular ways to access Twitter, third-party apps make up 14% of all unique Twitter users.

If you want to build a long term relationship with your customers, focus on relationship not just triggering the buy button. And Twitter is another great platform to cultivate that relationship.

Why are you interested in using Twitter in marketing? Why do you believe you’re better invested there than in other channels of marketing?

At the end, social media is just push marketing with the ability for the other side to push back.

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