How to use QR Codes with your Marketing

By Sarah Newman, client services manager

Little black boxes seem to be appearing everywhere. These black boxes are popping up at your grocery stores, restaurants and even in your mail. The boxes are referred to as QR codes. QR codes are the newest tool that is assisting marketing companies in reaching smartphone users.

QR codes contain advertisements and even videos for people to view on their smartphone. In order to access this media, smartphone users need only download the QR code application to their phone. Due to the ease of access, the QR codes have gained popularity. In fact, according to the social media source, Mashable, “Fifty percent of smartphone users use QR codes on a regular basis.”

Additionally, QR codes are helping businesses create new marketing plans for their clients. Let me provide a personal example, while sitting at a neighborhood restaurant with a girlfriend, I noticed a QR code on an advertisement at the far end of the table. We scanned the QR code with our smartphones while we waited and the QR code showed a video about the desserts the restaurant provided. Viewing the advertisement helped our time pass by more quickly and also aided in turning our conversation towards the restaurant.

At the end of the video, it gave us the option to share the advertisement on our Facebook or Twitter. How convenient is that? The ability to share this video in any social media forum will help increase the restaurants online visibility. This is also a great idea for restaurants or even waiting rooms to use for the sake of parents with children. If the children were able to watch videos while they wait, they would be distracted, making both the parents and the children happy.

QR Code
Here at Jennings Social Media & MarTech we recently used QR codes for a race sponsored by Frank Ancona Honda. The Frank Ancona Honda cars all had QR codes on them and the runners that took part in the race received a goody bag that had the QR codes on them as well. This allowed Frank Ancona Honda to continue to market to the runners after the event was over. Jason Heard, sales manager at Frank Ancona Honda, added that the mobile initiative is a step towards engaging their customers via social media channels and into mobile. “We are excited to be the first of Jennings’ clients to incorporate SMS and QR codes into our social media marketing. Valerie has been a key advisor throughout the social media integration at Frank Ancona Honda, and we know this will be the right move for our dealership,” said Heard. We were just as excited to help Jason have a great race and continue to market his brand.

It’s exciting to see where QR codes will lead to in the future. They serve as useful tools for planning marketing campaigns with all of our clients!