Alicia Keys Uses to Find New Blogger

Posted By: Valerie Jennings

I want to share a article written by Christina Warren that highlights how prevalent social media is becoming in various industries. This particular article focuses on musician Alicia Keys teaming up with to hire a blogger for her website.

Alicia Keys Uses to Find New Blogger

Grammy Award-winning musician Alicia Keys is looking for a new blogger for her website (I Am Super) and she’s teaming up with to find the right candidate. will use its new 6Sense semantic search technology (shown off in the company’s Super Bowl ad) to help narrow the search down to the right candidate.

From April 6 through May 3, qualified candidates can submit their applications via this job listing. Then, will use its technology to comb through the resumes, using semantic filters to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

At this point, a group of applicants will be asked to create videos and writing samples for, and those entries and videos will be on display for the public to offer their feedback as well. An advisory panel that includes Alicia Keys and her team, as well as executives from, will then look at the applicants and the top 10 will be selected and flown to New York.

The top 3 candidates will then be given a final task: to blog about The Black Ball UK on May 27. By the end of June, the new Head Blogger will be announced and hired.

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