Article from Discusses Role of Social Media in Journalism

Posted By: Sam Millikan

I would like to share an article with you by Brenna Ehrlich, assistant senior staff and copy editor for, about the expanded use of social media sites for journalists and the way they utilize them.

How Journalists are Using Social Media for Real Results

Journalists are, by nature, crafty folk who are wonderfully adept at stalking — I mean, finding sources and relevant information for various and sundry stories. Well, the advent of social media has made the process of reporting all the more nuanced, and has served as a vital channel for everything from finding leads to contacting sources to sharing and furthering one’s brand.

Still, as the Internet continues to expand, it can be difficult to pick and choose which tools are right for you as a journalist — it can be daunting to litter one’s desktop with Twitter applications, social networks, location-based tools and blogs. At times, it’s tempting to throw one’s laptop into the sea and return to the days of notepads and typewriters.

Still, if one can manage to circumvent the information overload and pick and choose which tools are most effective for which purposes, social media can be an extremely effective.

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