B2B Social Media Budgets to Increase to $54 Million by 2014

Posted by: Micah Pratt

Until recently, business to business companies have only minimally utilized social media marketing, but that is expected to change. Here is an article from that explains why business to business companies will likely increase their social media spending.

B2B Spending on Social Media to Explode

Despite social media marketing’s sizable popularity, business-to-business (B2B) companies are still fairly new to the discipline. According to a November 2009 survey from, 73% of B2B respondents who were using social media had less than two years of social media marketing experience.

But now that social media has caught on in the sector, spending forecasts suggest that big increases are coming.

“B2B participation in social media marketing is steadily increasing, and marketers are beginning to see opportunities to generate quality leads and position themselves as thought leaders in their industries,” said eMarketer’s Evelyn Jung, author of the new report “B2B Social Media Marketing Heats Up.”