The Best Facebook Advertising Products & Lead Generation Tactics

Facebook is a powerful advertising tool with over 2 billion active users a month and an ad reach that’s 89 percent accurate. The question for businesses is no longer whether they should advertise on the platform, but how, according to Marketing Profs. With the large pool of users and the abundance of information accessible about them, advertisers are constantly being given new ways to segment audiences and acquire customers.


Facebook advertising can be especially effective for e-commerce businesses. This is because the platform allows advertisers to exhibit products and qualify users in advance by including prices and product specifics. Additionally, Facebook offers a variety of ad types for businesses to choose from.


Video Advertising

Video advertising can be very effective in appealing to Facebook users, contributing to brand awareness and engagement, according to ClickZ. Research from Facebook shows 100 million hours of videos watched on the platform daily. Brands should take advantage of this rise in video consumption and the variety of content that a video has to offer.


Lead Generation

Lead generation ads are designed with the intent to grab the attention of people interested in your brand. The idea is to facilitate the process of filling out a form to help people show their  interest in your company in the easiest way. Facebook lead ads should give you qualified leads through proper targeting.


Conversion Ads

One of the most popular goals of Facebook advertising is to gain conversions. Conversion ads help fulfill this strategy by helping people take action on websites. Some of these actions include filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter or showing interest in a product or service. Most of these ads have a call to action and require you to define the action you want to track.


Remarketing Ads

Marketing Profs says Facebook advertising fits into a funnel of stages of sales. The funnel goes like this –

By using remarketing ads, advertisers are able to lead users from the “awareness” stage to the “buy” stage. Facebook calls this retargeting.


Custom Audiences

Facebook’s Business Manager side has a tool that is called “Custom Audience tool”, this provides a great way to narrow the focus of your ads based on actions users have taken.


The four types of retargeting ads businesses should focus on are:


  1. Video Retargeting
  2. Retargeting Based on Engagement With Facebook Page
  3. Dynamic Product Retargeting
  4. Retargeting Based on Engagement With Canvas Ads


All four of these ad types have multiple reasons that make them valuable, like optimization and customization. Facebook’s retargeting services can speed up the time it takes for a user to take action with a brand, which research shows typically takes between 7 to 13 engagements.