Getting the Most Out of Your Blog: A Promotional Tool as well as a Means to Boost Business Credentials as “Thought-Leaders” Within Your Industry

By Billy Griffin

Upon hearing the word “blog,” we often are inclined to revert to the cliché; the odes of tweenage girls venting about boy trouble, feline-fashion tips from recluse cat-ladies, or the perfectly pink posts of Hollywood celebrity gossip gurus. Blogs have long been the regarded as the artwork of amateurs. However, with the emergence of social media marketing, blogs are now booming with new-and-improved content intended to inform a more professional audience.

Looking at our recent video case study release focusing on and the sustainable design market, one can notice the cross-industry perk blogs pertain thanks to social media marketing, the first and most notable benefit being the self-promotional factor.

In the video case study, Kevin Klinkenberg, principal of 180° Urban Design, explains that his blog is much more than a means to get the word out concerning the virtues of his business. “I think it’s obvious that when we have our company and our personal information on it that it really helps promote our business,” Klinkenberg said.

Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media & MarTech, started working with 180° Urban Design about a year ago. Due to the types of posts that Klinkenberg was contributing to the site, Jennings found that early on they could transform this site into an online community. “In many aspects the site has not only been positioned as an online community, but it’s also a resource for businesses particularly focused on walkable communities and sustainable design,” Jennings said. “Now, we have a launch pad to position the company, Kevin and his business partner in ways that position them as ‘thought-leaders’ in that industry.”

This second perk of business blogging transforms the blogger into a “thought-leader” via the creation of short posts containing very topic-oriented pieces specific to their industry. “As somebody who reads a lot of other blogs, the ones that really keep me coming back are the ones that really have something to say, whether it’s sort-of an advocacy standpoint or educational, that’s a better way to connect with the online community,” Klinkenberg said.

This benefit spawns a dual-effect granting companies the ability to transcend into a new class of communication. The surge of education and advocacy standpoints in blogs offers a more professional content, while still retaining the more intimate “personal-feel” of the all-familiar individual blogger. Herein lies the extended beauty of professional blogging, it’s the instant relationship created between the blogger and blog-reader (ie: potential new client, new contact, or new consumer), initially based on professional content, but conveyed in an informal manner.

The transformation from blogger to “thought-leader” has created a new niche for the business world to become a bit more personal. With the opportunity to ignite instant industry-specific conversation, blogs offer a professional, yet informal medium of online communication, all the while functioning as the self-promotional factor of the good old fashion web pages.