Why Brands Should Use PR as an SEO Strategy for Digital Marketing

Google remains opaque when it comes to exactly what formula is needed to land a business on the first page of a search query today. For this reason, experienced digital and search marketers must remain diligent in finding the right blend of tactics to win over coveted first place positions on keywords. An overlooked and widely underplayed organic search engine optimization (SEO) tactic is to leverage public relations and press coverage to boost your brand on search engines, as well as boost a brand’s reputation.
In March of 2016, Google released a handful of tricks to land a spot on page one of a Google search result. Among those tricks were “links”. Andrey Lipattsev, senior strategist at Google, said that links back to a brand’s site are one of the two most important factors for SEO.


Where PR Comes In

Links, among other tactics including original content, are an effective method to show up on page one. The more often writers, bloggers, consumers and virtually anyone with a keyboard provides a link to your website in a post, the higher your chances are of the coveted top search result on Google. While posts from consumers are great for product reviews and endorsements, an article posted in a major publication, including hyperlinks to your website, will inevitably lead to greater search results, wider visibility, and eventually more leads and sales.

Lead Gen Goldmine

Guest blogging, expert opinions on insightful topics and hosting media events are just a few examples of the effective PR strategies. Some of the best PR pros use these tactics to ensure their clients get the SEO they deserve, but it does not take a degree in public relations to make these connections across industries. Generating organic leads is the most cost effective brand strategy a marketer can employ. Heather Baker, CEO of TopLine Comms, said in an article with PR Week, “When you’re featured and linked to in relevant media, you’ll generate referral traffic to your site, which is generally great for business.”
That is not to say that implied links (brand mentions) are not important in SEO results. Even if a press article does not directly showcase your brand, but mentions it in passing, it is likely that readers will search for that brand name simply because it was mentioned. Add in compelling, forward thinking content and the likely lead generations are unlimited.