How Businesses Benefit From Artificial Intelligence


The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the business community is a growing trend globally. In fact, 40 percent of online transactions will be handled by an AI-enabled bot by 2020. Chatbots and website personalization are areas of artificial intelligence that businesses can benefit from today.


Website Personalization

According to Gartner, organizations that have fully invested in all types of online personalization will outsell companies that have not by more than 30 percent by 2018.


While artificial intelligence can’t build you a new websites from nothing, it can help you improve your visitor experience with personalization on your site. Intelligent algorithms can help personalize your brand’s website experience through analyzing data points about a single user. Things like location, demographic and what sort of device they are visiting your site from are all trackable. Artificial intelligence can then display the best-fitting offers and content for each visitor. Also, artificial intelligence can enable push notifications with the use of behavioral personalization. These can be specific to individual users, delivering them the right message at the right time, according to Content Marketing Institute.


The 2017 Real-Time Personalization Survey from Evergage found that only 33 percent of marketers surveyed use artificial intelligence to deliver personalized web experiences. Furthermore, 61 percent noted improved customer experiences when asked the benefits of artificial intelligence for a brand.


There are actually companies that provide this kind of personalization, like Boomtrain, which helps you gather insights about your users and provides predictive recommendations so that you can deliver relevant experiences on your website, through personalized emails, and across your mobile communications.


Personalized Emails

Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, yet only 30 percent of brands use them. Personalized emails should include the user’s first name and the content should be personalized based on their history or behavior.


There are tools for making email personalization easy, like Auto Pilot. This handy tool allows you to engage at just the right time with personalized email, in-app messages, SMS and postcards.



Chatbots have begun to change the ways brands interact with their customers. Chatbots Life defines chatbots as a program that can have a conversation with a person using rules and AI to simulate a human-like interaction with users.


Chatbots offer a variety of benefits, with 24/7 availability and real-time response being two of the biggest. Chatbots can improve your brand’s image and put you ahead of your competitors. This 24/7 availability means an improvement in customer service and customer engagement. A good chatbot will have the ability to keep your customers engaged, well-programmed bots can respond to customer messages and even apply humor very similar to what a real human would say, according to Chatbots Life.


Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20-40 percent more money with those companies than other customers, according to research by Brain and Company.


ChatBeacon is an affordable chatbot tool that can welcome every online visitor your brand has, with a friendly greeting. They create a chat window that matches your website’s aesthetic.  


The possibilities for a brand that implements artificial intelligence tools are endless, but make sure that you research the best artificial intelligence method for your brand before implementing.