Consumers are Searching Google for Inspiration and “Ideas”

According to a recent Google study, the world’s largest online search engine has seen a huge increase in searches for inspiration over the past two years. While consumers are still searching for specific products and services, they’re really looking more for “ideas” and “lists.” To clarify, consumers know they can find nearly anything on Google, and are now looking for opinions from experts, reviews and idea inspiration in all different sectors of the online shopping market.

There’s simply no denying that online shopping has been a successful revenue generator over the past few years. Google created a report based on these three searches titled “How Shoppers Find Ideas and Inspiration.” Online shoppers know they can find almost anything they want and need through Google searches. But over the past two years, instead of searching for something extremely specific, consumers have been searching Google for inspiration and ideas.

Discovering Ideas

According to Google’s report, there was a 55 percent plus increase in searches for “ideas” on mobile devices in the past two years! Users are looking for inspiration on all different levels whether it be for teacher gift ideas, winter outfit ideas or gift ideas from someone who likes sports.

Also, mobile watch time of YouTube videos that included “ideas” in the title name, increased by 135 percent plus! This also brings up and important point that consumers would rather watch something than read something.

Making A List

Lists” are also appearing more and more in mobile Google searches. Mobile searches for “shopping lists” over the past two years, have increased more than 150 percent! This includes clothing, travel and cosmetic lists and everything in between.


Finding A Brand

Google saw another search trend increase regarding users searching for a brand. “Sometimes people know what they want, but they need ideas on which brand to buy.” People are looking to experts for their opinions and customer reviews to find a brand that will work for them and their needs.

There was more than an 80 percent growth in mobile searches containing the word “brand.” There was also a 95 percent plus growth in mobile searches containing “the best ________ brands” or “the top ________ brands” in the past two years. Consumers are looking for the best clothing brands, the best sports brands, the best brand for cold weather and many more.

This report from Google is eye opening. By including “list” or “idea” in your headline, as a business your clickability can increase. People are looking for inspiration in every department. Knowing this information can help you and your business strategy when it comes to AdWords and headlines.