Content is King in Business-to-Business Marketing

Content marketing is a tactical marketing approach which involves the creation and distribution of online materials such as podcasts, websites, digital video and images on social media platforms and blogs. According to Business 2 Community, 70 percent of business-to-business marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing this year due to its undeniable success.


Content marketing is end-user focused rather than company or product focused. Its primary purpose is to educate, making it a great tool for business-to-business marketers. The key to a successful business-to-business content marketing campaign is a mix of informative copy, striking visuals and captivating videos.


Create Compelling Copy

A successful B2B content marketing campaign needs to offer valuable information, which is why 80 percent of B2B marketers use a blog as part of their content marketing strategy, according to The Content Marketing Institute. By creating compelling blog content, businesses can establish thought leadership when they share value-added content to answer questions and educate people. Blogs that identify their target audience’s problem, and offer a step-by-step solution for it, tend to grow the most. They also include case studies and statistics to back up their results. Blog posts can also be multi-purposed for newsletters, infographics and emails and converted into social media posts.


Create Eye-Catching Visuals

People are visual creatures by nature, so it should come as no surprise that photos and infographics receive more engagement on social media than simple text posts. Candid shots of employees better reflect the culture of a business than stock photos. From pictures to infographics, visual content should be branded with a distinct aesthetic that reflects a company’s identity.


Create Videos

According to a MediaKix infographic, people spend an average of 40 minutes on YouTube each day, which is five minutes longer than they spend on Facebook. Which means, if a business isn’t creating video content, it could be missing your target audience. Video content is a great way to share the most information in the shortest amount of time. It’s been proven to increase awareness and engagement which in turn creates quality leads and loyalty.