Creative Candles Gives Glowing Endorsement For Jennings Social Media & MarTech

Jennings Social Media & MarTech received a radiant review from Ken Weiner, president of Creative Candles, an artisanal candle company based in Kansas City, Mo. Weiner noted Creative Candles’ growth of 20% in business-to-consumer sales in October after JSMM started working with social media placement across multiple platforms, reaching out to bloggers for product placement and writing and promoting special offers exclusively for Creative Candles customers. JSMM has helped Creative Candles grow its online presence in a sector of the market that is very busy with dozens of candle brands.

Creative Candles Testimonial

Weiner said, “Creative Candles reached out to Jennings Social Media & MarTech for assistance in growing our brand. They listened to our goals and budget constraints and recommended updating our website to the Shopify platform. Shopify gave our website a new look and made it easier for customer to buy what they were looking for. JSMM supported our effort to design and launch the website so it could function well as a component of the overall marketing and social media plan. Since launching the new website and engaging JSMM in October, our business-to-consumer sales are up 20% from 2013 to 2014. Creative Candles has also attracted new customers, engaged with our target audience and even collaborated with designers and influential bloggers to increase the awareness of the Creative Candles brand. We strongly recommend Valerie Jennings and her entire team at Jennings Social Media & MarTech!”

Jennings Social Media & MarTech has helped Creative Candles engage with its already loyal customer base while gaining new customers, primarily in the wedding design industry. Through a partnership with a wedding workshop in Mexico, JSMM and Creative Candles were able to start an Instagram account from scratch and gain hundreds of followers in just a few weeks. JSMM has also developed analytics for Creative Candles so they are able to track sales from the first click to completion and also to determine where to put further reinforcement to push more customers to the Creative Candles online store.

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