How to Differentiate Your Brand with Video & Build Trust

The modern marketplace is one in which virtually anyone can start a business and thrive. While this offers incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs, it has also created over-saturated industries. In order to stand out from a sea of competitors, brands must utilize intelligent tactics. And with video taking over both social and mainstream media, it is mandatory for a brand to creatively use video to differentiate its image.
Brands are now using video in ways never seen before. A company called Nextiva, recently featured in Reel SEO, has been creating unique YouTube videos to enhance their customer experience. Because online reputation management is such a vital part of a brand, Nextiva has found a new way to interact with their community. Instead of having their team write public or private responses to comments, questions and concerns, they respond with personalized videos directed toward individual customers to show their appreciation.


This kind of unique video service differentiates Nextiva from hundreds of others in the $83 billion VoIP industry. And no matter the type or size of the industry, or the budget and scale of a specific company, there are dozens of ways to use video to separate a brand from the masses.

At the 2016 Nielsen Consumer 360 Conference, Kris Magel, president of Initiative U.S., spoke about monetized content in the digital world. “While some have said video has changed more in the past five years than in the past 30, I would argue it’s changed more in the past single year than in the past 30 years,” he said.

With these rapid changes in virtually every media platform, consumers are often wary of brands, especially lesser known ones. It’s vital for a company using video to establish a friendly, comfortable relationship so that the consumer not only enjoys a product, but actually trusts the brand behind it. A brand must take these important steps to gain trust from a potential client or consumer.

One of the most effective and prominent ways a company can separate themselves and make their brand seen and heard is through video. Not only are there now alternative ad and brand placement opportunities outside of traditional programming (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Originals, etc.), but there are dozens of platforms for a brand to create video content and deliver it directly to their audience.