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On Display: Trade Show Marketing Best Practices

A trade show is an opportunity for companies to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services. It gives them an opportunity to meet with industry partners and customers, examines their rivals and review recent market trends. Even with all the innate opportunity, if a company fails to engage in pre-show marketing, it may miss out on a golden opportunity to garner invaluable foot traffic.

Before a trade show begins, many attendees will plot out which booths and panels they plan on visiting throughout the event. If a company wants people to stop by their booth, it will need to develop and implement a pre-show marketing strategy.


Email Marketing

According to The Drum, email marketing is one of the most effective tools a company can use to announce its trade show presence. While the medium isn’t revolutionary, it is effective in creating the desired pre-show buzz. Companies shouldn’t just send out an email, they should also build a landing page in support of their email campaign. This can boost conversation and help to set up meetings with prospective clients prior to the trade show.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is also an important tool for companies to utilize in their pre-show marketing strategy. Katie Price, a marketing executive in the United Kingdom, underscored the importance of social media, saying, “If a trade show has a designated hashtag, start using it on social media.” Branded content shared via social media featuring case studies, speakers, and products that will be featured at the trade show will help generate a healthy pre-show excitement among attendees.


Our team designed a digital marketing strategy which increased foot traffic to our B2B client’s trade show booths. Part of the strategy included personalized and segmented emails. The email open rates were double the reported industry average of 17 percent. The social media strategy successfully promoted our client’s presence at the tech shows by utilizing branded content featuring the client’s industry experts and speakers along with a detailed case study.