How to Drive Traffic and Increase Engagement with Instagram

By Justin McLaughlin, Intern at JSMM

While Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform from an entertainment perspective, it also holds great value for marketers. Individual users enjoy Instagram as a way to connect with each other by sharing engaging images. In this same way marketers can utilize Instagram to connect with potential customers and their target market. Entrepreneur recently shed light on Instagram’s potential from a marketing perspective in an article The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram.

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Content Strategy According to Entrepreneur, it is important for brands to determine the types of images that they will share with their followers. Planning this strategy ahead of time will ensure that each image conveys elements of the brand and that the content is engaging for the desired audience. Doing a little research prior to implementing Instagram as a marketing channel will reveal the type of content that your target market prefers to engage with.

Develop Engaging Content Entrepreneur also highlighted content quality as a key factor for successful marketing on Instagram. While your content may fit your brand image and cater to your audience, poor image quality can be crippling. Considering that Instagram encourages users to edit, resize and filter images for better quality, your audience will expect a similar standard. This can be achieved by practicing with the standard editing tools that come with Instagram or using some popular companion apps.

Geolocation and Hashtagging Just as hashtags are used to catalog conversations on Twitter, hashtags on Instagram allow users to discover and share similar types of content. This is a critical tool for marketers that wish to align their products with the competition and to establish their brand. Entrepreneur suggests utilizing two types of hashtags for your content: brand-specific and generic hashtags. The brand-specific hashtags will function as key phrases that group your images across your entire content collection and should remain consistent across varied content types. Generic hashtags on the other hand will get your images cataloged with similar content types from other brands and users.

Instagram also allows users to catalog images according to the location in which an image is taken. This geolocation feature known as “Photo Map” documents the location of each image you post and allows users to locate images from particular locations. This is helpful for reaching target markets in specific areas and establishing a presence there.

Instagram Games and Contests Entrepreneur’s final tip suggests incorporating contests and games into your Instagram channel implementation. This involves setting up photo contests in which users use certain hashtags to win prizes and uploading trivia oriented photos. Getting creative with Instagram in this way increases engagement and makes for a more unique user-experience.

Do you have any other tips for tapping Instagrams marketing potential? Feel free to share in the comments!