Why Does Email Marketing Matter for B2B Brands?

By Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM & VBM

Today was an incredible day. We had a client who called to let us know that our hard work had paid off for his upcoming trade show event, using email marketing and social media strategies. Once it was all said and done, he ended up with 10 new business opportunities.

Photo credit: y0mbo / / CC BY

What happened?

A client who has a new product in the education industry with limited brand awareness had an upcoming trade show and wanted to ensure his investment paid off as an exhibitor. However, the show was pretty unorganized and didn’t have an email list or media list available of attendees. We found out who was attending, sent very targeted emails to a small group of decision makers and monitored the open rate activity on MailChimp. Anyone who opened the eblast several times, we followed up with that individual.

What Did We Do?

  • We created a highly targeted email list of decision makers who were attending the trade show using public information.
  • We created and sent two eblasts and individual follow up emails to those who were highly engaged with the content.
  • We followed CAN-SPAM laws.
  • We created custom content that decision makers would be interested in including targeted messaging, endorsements and video content.
  • We used MailChimp to monitor open rate activities.
  • We followed best practices in email marketing.
  • We measured success.


The client said that not only did he book meetings at his booth before the trade show, he had key decision makers dropping by to tell him they had read the email and watched his video several times. He now has 10 solid leads, additional follow up appointments and new business pending.

Today was a great day. We didn’t know what would happen, but we knew if we all worked together as a team and put our best foot forward, we would see a big payoff. We love working with the best and being the best at what we do. Thank you for being an awesome client.

* We maintain client confidentiality in situations like these since this is considered lead generation activity and we do not want to leak information to competitors. If you have questions about this tactic, please email [email protected]