Entrepreneur of Screenland Theatres Endorses Valerie Jennings as Social Media Thought Leader

Posted By: Cassie Stubbs, Intern at JSMM

Butch Rigby, entrepreneur and owner of Screenland Theatre, endorsed Valerie Jennings, CEO of Viral Bolt Media and Jennings Social Media & MarTech, as a thought leader in the industry during her launch party on Oct 25, 2012.

Rigby explained that Valerie was doing social media before social media was even a household name, “She was well ahead of her time, as far as the little thing called social media goes.”

Rigby added that he now uses social media for the majority of his marketing for his Screenland Theatres.

“Every single day that I knew her, I understood that she was on the forefront of this. And every single day that I knew her I understood how my own business was indeed … more reliant on social media. I would say that my business, Screenland Theatres receives 95 percent of its business through social media,” said Rigby.

Rigby explains that Jennings was a thought leader then, and she is a thought leader now. “The idea now of taking that next step forward and being another leader again for Valerie with Viral Bolt Media makes sense to me … it is once again impressive.”

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