How to Increase Your Sales Leads by Marketing a website

Posted By: Valerie Jennings

Here are a few tips to improve search engine optimization, use social media marketing and increase sales opportunities:

1.       Improve search engine optimization (SEO) and create an online brand to attract businesses looking for your company via targeted keywords.  Run a Google keyword suggestions report and include tags, keywords and links which support sales.

2.       Increase SEO by driving traffic from Twitter, Facebook, blogging, LinkedIn and Videos, which will increase the type of industries coming to your site.  These keywords should complement the online sales system.

3.      Identify a clear call to action via Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn such as driving traffic to the main website to increase email opt-ins.

It is obvious that most sales leads are contingent on a social media marketing strategy. While it is important to incorporate social media tools into the sales process, it is more critical to leverage SEO blog posts to maintain a relevant image via Google search.  I would advise the company to utilize an e-newsletter to continuously market to the company’s online audience and drive regular traffic from a e-newsletter to the primary website.