‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it’ on Tweetmeme

By Megan Atkinson

A new twist on retweeting is Tweetmeme, a ranking of news stories on Twitter. Tweetmeme tracks the most shared stories on Twitter and provides the popular retweet buttons you see on many websites. Retweeting is a great way to share stories and communicate with other users. For more information about Tweetmeme visit their site. Get the latest from Mashable after the jump.

Tweetmeme Creators Bet Their Future on Twitter Retweets

Retweeting, as we’ve mentioned previously (see HOW TO: Retweet on Twitter), is becoming a very useful way to share content on the web. For one company, it’s become so important that they’re closing down their original news filtering service to focus on ranking stories by retweets.
The founders of, a filtering service that aimed to make reading the news easier through smart prioritization of RSS feeds, today announced they are retiring their news ranking site.
Instead, they will focus all their energies on Tweetmeme, the spin-off service they launched to rank news stories on Twitter. The website will become the company’s corporate site, and the original service has already been taken offline.

The ability to change your original vision is a flexibility all entrepreneurs need. Twitter itself was famously a side project of podcasting startup Odeo – the founders sold that company when they saw Twitter taking off. No one can blame the folks for cutting their losses and focusing on the part of their business that’s making the most progress.