Facebook Ads & Blog Syndication Drive Website Traffic for Health Tech Startup; JSMM Preps Client for Indiegogo Launch

A JSMM health tech startup has been testing paid blog syndication and digital advertising as a means to attract high quality website traffic to its blog and website from top third party health tech and news sites. The client is preparing for an Indiegogo launch and the initial ads performed much better than the average digital advertising results for crowdfunding. The client has a patent-pending solution that enables you to proactively measure, monitor and control caloric and nutritional intake, providing consumers with a personalized dietary plan to help you manage and reduce preventable chronic diseases and reduce healthcare costs.

JSMM created several ads and published blogs that focused on hypertension in pregnancy, diabetes and early tech adopters interested in crowdfunding. The initial test returned extremely favorable results, which will be used to implement the final stages of the Indiegogo launch which also includes PR, blogger outreach, YouTube ads and more.




Blog Syndication

Impressions: 493,987

Clicks: 327

Spend: $120

Sites: Fox News, CNN,, Health.Com, New York Daily News, Food Network, ABC, Food & Wine, Vogue, Women’s Health, Mashable, Martha Stewart, ESPN, Wired


Facebook Ads:

Clicks: 1,018

Impressions: 39,114

Spend: $414

CPC: $.50

Cost Per Click: $0.39