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Facebook Capitalizes on Mobile Video Trend with New B2B Marketing Campaign

Audiences are spending more time than ever watching videos on their mobile devices. Huffington Post reports that one-third of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices, which means watching videos on mobile is already more common than using those same devices to listen to music. So, how can brands and mobile video platforms capitalize on this massive opportunity? Facebook announced a campaign to promote its biggest mobile-based business-to-business advertising program ever. Our agency has also seen the benefits of converting business opportunities via mobile videos on Facebook for clients with native ads. The cost per engagement on these ads typically run as low as $.01-.02 per view.


The rise of mobile videos have been fueled by the increasing number of platforms, changes in consumer viewing habits and advancements in technological infrastructure. As mobile phones became smartphones, apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat emerged and allowed users to create content to engage with brands in ways they never had before. As those platforms’ popularity rose and as technology advanced, the way media was consumed changed and the demand for mobile video was created.


Brands have already jumped on the mobile video bandwagon. According to ClickZ, some companies are readily switching their ad spend from traditional ads to native content, videos and articles that are paid for by an advertiser, but mimic unpaid content. You can see them daily on nearly every social media platform. Other brands, however, have been slow to join the mobile video movement. Maybe those brands think it’s too expensive, but it’s not. Since mobile video commands attention, it also commands engagement, making mobile video ads perform at a very cost-effective rate. Our digital marketing company’s mobile video campaigns oftentimes perform as well as $.01 per view. How can brands be convinced that mobile video is the game changer that it is?


That’s where Facebook’s latest venture comes in.


On March 16, 2017, Facebook launched a major mobile-based business-to-business endeavor. The campaign aims to educate and inspire marketers to invest more in mobile video ads and to shift the industry mindset toward clips specifically created for the platform’s mobile users. The effort targets media agencies as well as marketers who want to tap into both the power and popularity of mobile video. The campaign highlights how mobile video gives marketers the power to tell their stories, to build unique relationships with consumers and to achieve desired business outcomes.

Mobile video is here to stay and will continue to grow and evolve with the standardization of 360-degree video and virtual reality in the coming years. It will undoubtedly continue to capture consumers and provide opportunities for ad revenue.