Facebook IPO Expected to be $100 Billion, Largest of Any Tech Company in History

Posted by: Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM

While it hasn’t been confirmed, reports are circulating that Facebook Inc. will go public this year. Facebook has kept quiet about the move, but many anticipate the IPO to hit this May. If and when this happens, it will be huge.

This article and infographic posted by Joann Pan of Mashable, projects Facebook’s IPO to be six times larger than Google’s and will be the largest of any tech company in history.

How Facebook’s Expected $100 Billion IPO Breaks Down [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rumors are flying about Facebook Inc. going public this year. So, just how much money is the world’s largest social network worth?

Reports project that Facebook will go public some time between April and June. The company itself has remained hush-hush about the initial public offering.

The infographic below shows how the company’s projected valuation of $100 billion breaks down and which Facebook Friends will be getting a piece of the pie.

Facebook’s IPO will be the biggest of any tech company in history — six times that of Google’s, according to Accounting Degree Online.

The company itself is preparing to raise $10 billion this year, according to reports, to push the company’s public value to $100 billion. More than Disney ($61 billion), Amazon ($88.3 billion) and McDonald’s ($95.6 billion).

Who will be cashing in? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder Eduardo Saverin, co-founder Chris Hughes and Sean Parker, Napster co-founder and Facebook partial owner (he owns 4% of Facebook). Zuckerberg will make an estimated $25 billion, owning 24% of the company.

And just how will Facebook reach the $10 billion excess profit by April or June? By increasing Facebook revenue from advertising, Facebook fan pages and display ads.