Facebook’s New Algorithm: What Brands Need To Know

Facebook’s new algorithm is set to change organic, digital marketing as we know it. Facebook will now be pushing family and friends posts to the top of users’ timelines. Paid advertisements will become more common for businesses and brands, but digital marketers will also need to learn how to use other tools that Facebook offers to get organic reach.


Last week, the world’s largest social network announced that it would be changing its algorithm. The social network will push activity of friends and family to the top of a users’ timeline, rather than posts from publishers, businesses and brands. The algorithm will be implemented slowly over the next few weeks.


Why the change?

According to AdWeek, Facebook is tweaking the algorithm to “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” and to “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.” Facebook wants to bring back what it used to be all about: connecting. Many users believe the social media site has become too cluttered so this algorithm will be a filter.


Why does it matter?

The algorithm update will give brands the last priority in users’ news feeds. That means if companies and brands want their posts to be seen, they’ll have to pay for advertising to get exposure.


What you can do!

According to Mari Smith, there are still ways for brands to promote themselves via Facebook without paying the big bucks. For instance, brands and businesses can use Facebook Live to create interaction and engagement. Facebook groups are also a good way for brands to promote posts and information to users. This will create a feed of information that users can look at whenever they want to. Small businesses can also join a group called Facebook Local to expose themselves to users.


Blaise Grimes-Viorrt suggests that businesses should publish less on Facebook, but when they do, focus on creating meaningful content. Fewer hearty posts will be much more important and effective than lots of small, unmemorable posts when the algorithm kicks into gear. The unmemorable posts will get lost. The message drive posts will be much more effective and useful in the end.


Although organic marketing and reach seem to be vanishing, there are still other ways to achieve it. Digital marketers will need to learn how to use other tools that Facebook offers to organically reach users.