Digital App Marketing

Game-Changing Trends and Predictions for Digital App Marketing in 2017

Today, app marketing is one of the most rapidly changing fields within the digital space. It requires an analytical, data-driven strategy as well as creative skills to execute tactics. Most of all, app marketing requires brands to be ready to try out new trends and get ahead of their competitors. According to BiznessApps, in 2017, there will be 268 million mobile app downloads which will translate to upwards of $77 billion dollars in revenue for businesses. Among the top predictions for app marketing in 2017 are greater accessibility to vital data, an increase in types of ad platforms and strategic usage of predictive analytics.


Digital App Marketing


Data, Data, and More Data


When it comes to app marketing, you simply cannot have enough data about your audience. It’s imperative to track your customers’ social media activities, monitor their app behavior, record conversion tendencies and analyze spending habits. App marketers need this data to create an outline for their acquisition, engagement and retention strategies to ultimately get more downloads.


Historically, small to midsized app marketers have struggled to connect the dots between marketing campaigns and how their customers interact with their app. According to Adotas, in 2017, new tools on the market will grant app marketers access to this kind of data, leveling the playing field for all app marketers.


Diversity in Ad Formats


While there are already a ton of ad platforms on the market for app marketers to navigate, even more, are to become available in 2017. Native, video, rich media, social and geofencing are among the most widely used platforms for app marketing.


In particular, video will continue to be the most important platform for app marketing. According to AdColony’s latest App Install Marketing Survey, over 98 percent of app marketers include mobile video in their marketing strategy. The report also identified full-screen video, social video, and in-feed video, as the top three most effective ad formats overall to generate app installs. Mobile videos have proven to be the most effective way for the viewer to experience the app as the cost effectiveness of video ads has earned them the go-to ad format for marketers.


Predictive Analytics


Once upon a time, marketers would have to wait for consumers to take certain actions so they can act upon them. That’s just not the case anymore. In 2017, predictive analytics and machine learning are expected to play a significant role in delivering a seamless customer experience as well as providing a way to stay ahead of the competition.


According to CMSWire, mobile trivia and social gaming app QuizUp utilized a predictive analytics tool in order to uncover the ways users engage with their app. It found that users of social features within the app were well-correlated with high retention rates. In fact, users of the app who used social features within the first week of downloading the app have 60 percent higher retention rate when compared to other users. As a result, QuizUp could utilize this finding to make social sharing an important step in their new user onboarding process.