Google+ Business Pages & YouTube Changes Social Media Game With SMO

Posted By: Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM

Recently, two announcements were made: Google+ business pages became available and YouTube premium content channels launched for niche audiences.  These two announcements change how marketers must review social media content from posting information to social media optimizing (SMO).  Engaging content that is strategically positioned on these two platforms is one key takeaway, but the other is how to correctly build a channel strategy for Google+ and YouTube.  I think the verdict is still out on what will be extremely effective, but here is a brief summary from ClickZ about how these two channels will impact the social media marketing landscape in the near future.  

Additionally, both YouTube premium content channels and +Pages will have significant impact on search visibility as Google’s algorithm continues to evolve based on social activity, or ‘social signals.’ It’s likely that premium content channels on YouTube with high levels of social engagement will have greater rank and visibility in both YouTube and Google search results.”


Alisa Leonard, reporter for ClickZ, highlights  Google’s Big Bets: YouTube Premium Content and +Pages


Key Takeaways

  • Consider this: video is the web’s fastest growing medium, accounting for over 30 percent of web traffic, and according to a recent Cisco report, will account for up to 90 percent of Web traffic by 2013.
  • YouTube’s premium content channels will continue to grow the video giant’s audiences and viewership (four billion daily views and growing).
  • It’s extremely likely that YouTube content will be integrated with +Pages and the Google social graph, creating greater intimacy between brand content and engaged audiences.
  • Social signals driven by engagement with video content will have a potentially significant impact on natural search visibility.
  • To enhance digital marketing performance and ROI, brands should develop a comprehensive content strategy focused on the integration of content, social connectivity and search visibility.

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