Thank You to Thinking Bigger Business Media & David Conrads for Interviewing Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media & MarTech, On How to Handle Employees’ Online Social Media Activity

Posted by: Micah Pratt, social networking research & development

Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media & MarTech, was recently interviewed on how to handle employees’ social media activity. The emergence of social media has given many employees the same capabilities and tools as their employers which can be both beneficial and risky. Business leaders are wondering how to control the social media activities of its employers and to what extent. Here is an article from, by David Conrads, on how to handle social media in conjunction with employees.

Social Media: Handle With Care

Do you need a policy to guide employees’ online activities?

While the benefits of social media are great, there also are risks—particularly as employees have access to the same tools and audience as the company.

As with so many things having to do with technology, social media is evolving so fast that businesses are scrambling to not only grasp its full potential, but also understand the risks and to come up with a consensus on best practices for its use.

The casual way in which many employees share their personal lives online can give a business owner nightmares. After all, TMI—“Too Much Information”—is one thing when it comes to an employee’s social life, it’s quite another when it involves company business. Leaders can’t afford to ignore the potential problems.

More Questions Than Answers
What are appropriate guidelines for what company information employees can share online? What liability is the company exposed to from employee posts that flow through the company’s server? How does a company protect its reputation from offensive postings by an employee on a personal account? Even large corporations are just now exploring answers to these questions.

“It’s an ongoing management problem,” said Valerie Jennings, CEO and founder of Jennings Social Media & MarTech in Kansas City. “Social media has really cost a lot of organizations time, energy and money on so many different levels. It’s a blessing to have these resources, but the risks have to be managed or they can really hurt the brand.”