How to Improve SEO When You Don’t Have a Big Budget

Ten years ago, many didn’t know what the word ‘SEO’ meant or why it was used. Today, SEO has become a common word and practice used within the business world to create a presence online. Establishing SEO for your brand is important because without it, your brand and online presence will plummet.


Photo credit: Spencer E Holtaway / Foter / CC BY-ND

To begin, what is SEO? SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a way to utilize the web’s features to maximize overall online visibility. Brands that rank high on search engines posses quality content, know their target audience and are constantly updating and optimizing the technology on their website. There are many tactic and strategies a brand can do to gain high SEO with lots of money, but what can startups or businesses that are on tight budgets do to improve their ranking? Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of ways to boost your brand organically:

1. Keep It Fresh

To gain and maintain well established SEO, it is crucial to bring new content to your webpage consistently. Recency drives all search engines whether that be Google, Yahoo or Bing to name a few. If your brand or site isn’t producing content regularly, your SEO will drop. A way to keep recency on your site is to write a blog and to constantly update your site’s features and technology.

2. Make it Mobile Friendly

Just last month, Google updated it’s algorithm and this update was referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’ because if a brand’s site was no longer mobile friendly, their SEO plummeted. From this update, it became crucial to create mobile friendly sites to maintain a high ranking on Google’s search engine.

3. Create a Google+ Business Page

On the topic of Google, creating a Google+ Business page will keep your SEO at good status within their search engine. However, just creating a Google+ business page won’t be enough. The page must be fairly active, and this can be done by posting content onto it consistently and by interacting with users on other Google+ pages as well.

4. Lastly, Keep It Up

The longer amount of time your brand spends online producing quality content consistently, the higher up your site’s SEO will jump. It takes time and it takes effort but the results are lasting. Once you begin to produce a blog or articles, keywords you use within them will pop up in searcher’s results, driving your SEO through the roof.

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