How to Increase Facebook Business Page Reach & Engagement with New Algorithm

A few months ago, Facebook announced a wholesale change to its timeline display algorithm. The algorithm that was implemented pushed “meaningful content” from friends and family to the top of a user’s timeline rather than ads, pages and brands. Because of this change, using Facebook groups is becoming extremely important to maintain engagement for your brand.


New Tools Available

As a result of the change, Facebook is now offering new tools that brands can use to maintain these groups and make them better. According to ClickZ, Facebook has implemented new and improved administrative tools. These tools are designed to make it easier for admins to feature all content in one place. There is also a new group insight tool that helps manage the content and members in a group. New personalization tools also help groups be unique by adding colors, graphics and more to make their page and group stand out.


Improve Engagement

Brands can improve user engagement by utilizing Facebook groups. ClickZ says that if brands are having trouble engaging with consumers to focus on creating smaller, more segmented groups. It can attract more specific audiences to a group and attract new audiences as well. Facebook groups can create engagement that Facebook pages cannot.


Build a Community

Social Media Today stresses the importance of building a sense of community in Facebook groups. The group should not focus on what the brand wants, but the users want instead. There should be a sense of comfort in your group. You want your customers to share and interact in the group and feel okay doing so. Facebook groups receive engagement from nearly one billion people every month, so be sure to take advantage of your group now and build a community that allows your brand to shine.


Promote Content

Groups are more likely to show up on users’ timelines so they are a great way to promote content. ClickZ says that brands can ask for feedback from users, as well as offering previews and exclusive content in groups. By doing this, brands can add value by giving users something to look forward to seeing.


By promoting your content in unique ways, the promotion and advertising of your brand will not be as obvious to users either. In a world filled with ads, it is refreshing to see promotions in a lighter, less pushy way.