Indie films achieving mainstream success through social media

By: Leslie Fischer

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word paranormal as something that is “beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.” Paranormal, then, is just the adjective to describe the marketing campaign behind Indie-Turned-Paramount-Success-Story, Paranormal Activity, described here in this article from Ad Age. When an independent horror flick with a $15,000 budget grosses $107.9 million in the box office and stands alone as mega-giant Paramount Pictures most profitable production yet, marketers and publicists the world over are left wondering if there is any other word left to aptly describe this seemingly unexplainable phenomenon, save paranormal. Social media gurus, however, are not surprised. In fact, this response generated through Facebook and Twitter is nothing short of normal.
Independent filmmakers can make this Cinderella story the norm for their home-grown babies at little to no cost purely through social media. By speaking to the interested, taking risks, personalizing the process and staying true to the message, indie films can make getting mainstream recognition, hype and profits anything but paranormal.