Instagram Counters Reports of Decline, Reaches 100 Million Active Users

By Justin McLaughlin, Intern at JSMM

Contrary to reports that Facebook’s new acquisition Instagram is losing popularity, the social media platform announced that it has reached 100 Million active users. The Huffington Post and TechCrunch have both released articles discussing Instagram’s rise in popularity.

Image from The Independent


According to the Huffiington Post, Instagram has been resilient amid negative feedback for its new terms of service that were announced in December. Rather than refraining from using the app in 2013, the number of active users has actually increased by over 11 percent during the new calendar year. The article also indicates that this growth actually surpasses that of the app’s parent company Facebook.

TechCrunch reiterated the information provided in the Huffington Post. Their article discusses Instagram’s journey from an isolated ios application with a few thousand users to one of the most popular image-based social media platforms. According to TechCrunch, Instagram’s story included milestones such as the opening of the app to Android users and its sale to Facebook. Despite the initial scare that Instagram’s new terms of service created, it appears that the app is as popular as ever.

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