Integrated Social and Influencer Outreach Strategy Increased B2C Client Sales 40 Percent

Some businesses and even marketers try to treat social media as an independent marketing strategy. In truth, integrating social media with all other marketing efforts creates a cohesive strategy that presents improvements across the board, thanks to social. For example, a B2C client of JSMM saw a 40 percent increase in sales from last year due to many new improvements and social media integration, including an influencer and designer strategy, a new e-commerce platform, email marketing and social media strategy.


Photo credit: Jim / Foter / CC BY

Our B2C client is a high-end designer brand providing luxury home decor goods. They had a great reputation with some well-known customers when they came to us, but they didn’t know what to do with it. We created an influencer outreach strategy, leveraging existing connections and reaching out to new ones.

JSMM reached out to customers who were designers, photographers and magazine publications and asked them to share their photos using the client’s goods along with offering them products to use in upcoming shoots and spreads. When they agreed, JSMM came up with exciting ways to share and reuse the content over time, keeping the high quality influencer shout outs in the front of people’s minds.

In addition to reaching out to current influencer customers, JSMM built relationships with other designers, photographers and magazines via social media. Once we felt there was a relationship established, we reached out in the same manner with current customers, asking for features of the products.

This all took time to build relationships, reach out, collect content and come up with an effective content strategy to spread a digital word-of-mouth marketing for our B2C client. It was not overnight, but recently we have seen these efforts pay off! Pushing the client’s impressive brand reputation on social has created a buzz about their products resulting in extremely high impression scores and quality engagement from influencers. This client went from averaging 12K impressions per month to an impressive and consistent 150K impression average per week! These impressions are translating into sales because the client has also seen a 40 percent increase in sales over last year.

Many businesses want to trash social media strategies when they don’t see immediate results when the problem is they are approaching social media marketing incorrectly. Our B2C client case study shows that a solid strategy that integrates with all digital marketing efforts will pay off with an elevated brand reputation, extended brand reach and an increase in sales. Our client is also seeing an increase in referral traffic from social media thanks to this elevated awareness. All it takes is a rock solid strategy and patience to watch it grow.

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