Internet to Surpass 2 Billion Users This Year

Posted By: Carlee Vellinga

More than 2 billion people will be Internet users by the end of 2010. Developing countries have the lowest percentage of Internet users, but more than half of new Internet users this year will be from those developing countries. This article written by Stan Schroeder provides statistics about growing number of Internet users globally.

Internet to Surpass 2 Billion Users This Year

The number of Internet users will surpass 2 billion before the end of 2010, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said in a report.

The current world population is estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 6.876 billion, which would mean that approximately 30% of the population will be online at the end of this year.

There will be 226 million new Internet users this year, 162 million of which will be from the developing countries. Despite the fast growth of Internet users there, the developing countries still have a long way to go to catch up with the developed world.

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