Interview with Simon Kuo, SVP Executive Creative Director: Why Custom Images Tell a Brand’s Story

Photo Credit: Simon Kuo

Custom and original images provide a sense of what a brand represents and creates loyalty with audiences. Simon Kuo, SVP executive creative director at Jennings Social Media & MarTech, weighs in on why custom imagery is so important to a brand’s value, mission and authenticity.


Images Generate Engagement

Entrepreneur reports that social media posts which include images have a 650 percent higher engagement rate than “text-only posts.” Visual content allows your audience to grasp what you are talking about in less time than text alone. Additionally, when it comes to visuals, people tend to recollect visuals better than texts. Visuals such as videos, photos, gifs, etc. will remain in the minds of consumers longer.


Invest in Custom Images

Custom images can benefit your business by creating originality for your brand’s image. According to Simon, “Stock images seem more cost effective since they are easy to find and license. However, stock images are created to be generic. The more generic the image, the more people will use it by definition. But the more generic the image the less it will relate to your brand or message.”


An investment in custom images is an investment in your brand’s authenticity.


Custom Images Add Value

Custom images can reflect a brand’s value and mission. Custom imagery means that your business can decide exactly what it wants the audience to experience. Simon stated, “Custom images are much less likely to be used by other people and companies. You have the option to license images to be used exclusively by you and your company.”


Custom images can also support broader social and traditional usages within a campaign. Behind the scenes images from a shoot shows the fun and creative side of your brand. Simon explained,“‘Making of’ imagery that can also support your primary marketing campaign.”