Is Your Content King?

Rich content sells and original is king. How do you know if you are incorporating both tactics into your digital marketing and visual storytelling? Statistics show that most marketers and brands don’t utilize the right type of high-quality content to engage their audience.


According to a report from Content Marketing Institute, 25 percent of marketing budgets goes towards content. This significant number indicates that companies are now more than ever realizing the weight and impact of creating compelling and interesting content. We recommend these best practices:

  • Quality and quantity are equally important. Post high-quality content regularly and consistently.
  • Use titles to grab attention, images to keep it. Once you’ve grabbed your readers’ attention with the headline, they will look for interesting pictures.
  • Your content should ultimately elicit a response from your audience. Whether you are trying to sell a product or create brand image, your content should start a conversation. New research shows that content that allows the audience to feel in control through happy, surprising or admirable images is more likely to go viral than content that does not.

Tips to achieve high-quality content:

  • Have a balance between creation and curation. Interacting with your community is just as important as creating your own content. Created content is key to providing original and lasting impressions on clients and customers. And while this is invaluable, curated content has its own merits, including demonstrating expertise and insight, developing relationships with influencers, and better discovering your key audience. In a Business 2 Community , experts recommend a 70-20-10 split.
  • Keep a company-wide editorial calendar. This ensures that everyone knows which direction the content is going for that week or month.
  • Track your content results. Tracking the results of your content will show you which types of content your audience is interested in, and will provide guidance on what content to create or curate for the future. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 78 percent of audiences believe that companies who build custom content for them are interested in creating lasting and positive relationships.