Blog, a new website Designed for Groups and Organizations, Announces National Awareness Campaign

By: Andrew Clark

We were pitched this story idea by Susan Bardack, chief marketing officer at Izoca,and wanted to share it with you.

Technology company reveals updated platform with a focus on social scheduling and communication

(Albany, NY) —, a technology company focused on efficient scheduling and communication announces a national campaign to educate groups and organizations across the country about how they can utilize iZoca to stay connected. iZoca provides a simple way for groups, organizations and individuals to share information and plan events and activities. It features toolsiZoca which provide groups the ability to effectively communicate and organize both publicly and privately.

iZoca raised over $600,000 dollars in initial funding.

“I truly believe the website we have created is a viable communications solution for many groups and organizations,” said iZoca President and CEO Jeff Goronkin who conceived of the web platform during an extended airport layover. “We are providing a free platform which allows groups and individuals a new and efficient way to manage schedules and stay connected. It provides users the ability to target information with specific groups in their lives.”

Goronkin, previously vice-president of life sciences at Evident Technologies, left his position to pursue his vision. The website was initially launched and marketed in the company’s hometown of Albany, New York earlier this year.

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn connect individual users to a crowd. iZoca’s platform organizes that crowd into groups and provides users tools to keep them connected with those groups at all times. With iZoca, individuals can join or create groups of professional interest including those focused on work, charitable endeavors and school and they can also create personal groups for family. The members of each group are subsequently able to schedule events and activities and share information. iZoca members are provided a personal calendar which can display all of the events and activities for each of the groups to which they belong.

For today’s busy lifestyle one of the most useful tools includes “My World OnThe Go” where members can access schedules from all their groups on their Blackberry’s, iPhones and other portable devices which accept calendar subscriptions. Users can create their own personalized calendar from groups to which they belong and receive updated information as it occurs.

Organizations are able to easily control how information on iZoca is shared. In fact, nonprofit organizations and small businesses can create multiple iZoca groups for groups such as their boards of directors, volunteers and staff. They can also create public groups to promote themselves and their events.

The Empire State Youth Orchestra, Inc. (ESYO) was the first organization to adopt iZoca for better communication and organization both publicly and privately. The organization is made up of over 300 student musicians. While they have used other social networking sites, they are pleased to have the ability within iZoca to create private groups for scheduling, discussions, sharing photos…etc. Development and Marketing Specialist Sara Torrey says, “We are very excited to be using iZoca; it is a wonderfully efficient platform for us to publicly promote our concerts and events, while also being able to privately communicate with our young musicians. Using iZoca, our board members are finding it easier to communicate with each other and to schedule meetings within their board committees; our parents and musicians are starting to rely on the calendar which can easily integrate their music schedule with other activities in their lives. With nine separate performing groups collectively giving over 30 public performances a year, iZoca helps us to maintain harmony in our scheduling.” Since it is an event driven organization ESYO relies on the calendar to assign information about rehearsals and concerts.

iZoca is continuing to develop additional tools to help individuals,groups and organizations schedule their activities, easily share information the way they want and stay connected.

The name iZoca is derived from the Spanish word “zocalo” meaning a square or plaza where people congregate. iZoca was founded in September, 2007 and is located in New York’s Tech Valley region.