JSMM Reviews Record Setting Increase of Social Media Interaction During 2012 Presidential Debate

Posted by: Chelsea Lewis, social media manager at Jennings Social Media & MarTech

The use of social networks for political issues was a fairly new concept during the 2008 presidential debate. The first presidential debate of 2012 already set a record on Twitter, but it’s not the only social network with increased activity. The New York Times examined the increase in social media interaction surrounding politics.

Facebook (and Twitter) create “authentic, two-way communication,” according to Adam Fetcher, deputy press secretary for the Obama campaign. Flickr and Instagram are virtual campaign scrapbooks while Tumblr and Pinterest highlight photos and other material from supporters.

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In 2012, it is not enough for candidates to shake some hands, kiss a baby or two and run some TV ads. They also need to be posting funny little animations on the blogging site Tumblr.

If the presidential campaigns of 2008 were dipping a toe into social media like Facebook and Twitter, their 2012 versions are well into the deep end. They are taking to fields of online battle that might seem obscure to the non-Internet-obsessed — sharing song playlists on Spotify, adding frosted pumpkin bread recipes to Pinterest and posting the candidates’ moments at home with the children on Instagram.