Jennings Social Media & MarTech Featured Success Story On

Jennings Social Media & MarTech CEO Valerie Jennings was recently interviewed by Marketwired for her agency’s work with Twentyseven Global. Prior to joining forces with JSMM, Twentyseven Global had little online visibility and was not generating many new business leads through social media presence. Since hiring JSMM to provide a social media marketing plan, Twentyseven Global has moved to first page Google search placement and is enjoying the benefit of a steady stream of potential clients.

Twenty-seven Global Logo

Twentyseven Global started in 2009 as a software engineering firm serving clients in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. Although they received glowing reviews from clients, there wasn’t much visibility within the industry to keep new clients coming through the doors. That’s where JSMM came on board. JSMM reviewed Twentyseven Global’s current business model and marketing plans, came up with key SEO terms and then started pitching news releases using the new marketing plans and SEO terms to media outlets. The press releases were also shared across social media platforms. A new website was also built to show off Twentyseven Global’s achievements and allow customers to see exactly what they would be getting from the firm.

The results of JSMM’s approach soon started to make a difference. The press releases and information about Twentyseven Global were reposted by industry leaders. Customers started to see those posts and make calls to Twentyseven Global to set up a meeting time and to find out more about what the firm could do for them. And the SEO terms started providing Twentyseven Global as a viable option when customers were searching for them on online search engines. As a result of the work by JSMM, Twentyseven Global has seen a huge increase in business. The increase was big enough that the firm opened a new office in Denver in May 2014.

JSMM continues to provide social media marketing for Twentyseven Global at the level the firm has grown accustomed to. The firm continues to see growth and JSMM continues to find new and innovative ways to keep the Twentyseven Global brand growing and raising visibility as one of the nation’s top software engineering firms.

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