Jennings Social Media & MarTech Reviews Best Practices for Managing Online Reviews

Written by: Chelsea Lewis, social media marketing manager, of Jennings Social Media & MarTech

United Airlines learned a few things when sonsofmaxwell posted a YouTube video about their company. The video was a catchy song that addressed the fact that the airline had broken his guitar. The video now has over 12 million hits. United Airlines learned the hard way how important it is to manage reviews, comments and posts made about your company.

When creating a social media campaign, companies have to think about every single detail. Ranging from what kind of picture to use on a Facebook post to how to manage and review comments made about your company online. If one negative comment is over looked or not addressed it could spell disaster.

Rody Moore recently wrote an article for Mashable, detailing the top four ways to manage online reviews. The simple fact is, consumers read reviews and the more postive reviews the more success a company can reach. The top four strategies included; companies need to pay attention to what customers say, how often reviews are being posted, promote your reputation on the web and respond to every review personally. Companies need to manage and monitor their online reviews before they end up owing someone a whole lot of guitars.

Here are the key findings from the article:

When Carmen Popa opened her acne treatment center, Luminosity Acne Skincare in North Carolina, she quickly realized how valuable online reviews were to attracting new customers. “Clients often mentioned that it was the positive reviews that encouraged them to try out my business,” she says.

Research shows that online reviews strongly influence buying behavior, with nearly half of American consumers stating that they are more likely to visit a business after reading a positive online review. That makes review websites such as Yelp, Google Places, and Citysearch online archives of consumer opinions on how a business compares to similar shops.