John Roper, VP of Operations for The National Airline History Museum, Gives Jennings Social Media & MarTech a First Class Review

Posted by Emily Ward, social media marketer at JSMM

Jennings Social Media & MarTech (JSMM) received a first class review for its work by John Roper, VP of operations for the National Airline History Museum. Recently, Roper and his team competed in 2013 National Red Bull Flugtag in Chicago and relied on JSMM to promote the team, the Chicago event and generate traffic across major social media channels. While the budget was fairly modest, JSMM still increased the fan base by about 707 percent, increased overall Facebook engagement by about 11,900 percent and increased search engine optimization to page one on Google. The week before the event, posts from the team’s Facebook page reached almost 40,000 people.

Roper said during a video interview that he had a fantastic experience with JSMM CEO Valerie Jennings and her team. “I highly recommend Jennings Social Media for your company. One of the challenges that we faced was to try and develop a social media campaign, and we were able to use Valerie Jennings and and Jennings Social Media & MarTech to execute that plan. Her team has done a great job sending a uniform message across all the platforms. We have a Facebook, Twitter, a better website and she has managed posts going through all of those media and kept a consistent message and made it so that our followers and people interested in the museum have been more engaged than ever.”

Watch the video below:

According to Jennings, “We enjoyed working with John and his team.  This was a very exciting project and we loved how fast paced it was as well as the deadlines Red Bull imposed during the competition. During the campaign, my second company Viral Bolt Media (VBM), also produced and edited nine videos over the course of a few days to promote the team. It was quite an accomplishment to knockout all of this work and still keep everything on budget.”

Competitors in Red Bull Flugtag build flying contraptions and launch them off of the side of a pier in hopes of breaking a distance record. While Team Connie did not rank this year due to unsafe wind and water conditions on the lake in Chicago, the team is ready to compete again next year.