JSMM Attends Kansas City’s First Techweek

The JSMM team attended the very first Techweek in Kansas City, which kicked off on September 14, 2015. From conferences and expos to happy hours, we met so many wonderful movers and shakers in the tech industry and had a great time celebrating tech with everyone who attended!


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Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.18.22 PM

Techweek 2015 Official Kickoff Party

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JSMM at Techweek Grand Tour Happy Hour Sponsered by Copaken Brooks and Speaker and Co-Founder of Tinder, Jonathan Badeen

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Techweek Kansas City 2015 Official Kickoff Party at Boulevard Brewery

Why Techweek Is Important

Techweek is a 7 day series of conferences and expos that brings together everyone in the field of technology. From leaders to visionaries and entrepreneurs this event brings together a niche community within a large city. This year, Kansas City was one of only 6 cities chosen for Techweek. It’s no secret that in recent years the technology and entrepreneurial scene in Kansas City has been growing at a rapid pace.

Why JSMM Loved Techweek

The JSMM team took particular interest in this event because of the amount of clientele we have within the industry. We like to take every opportunity we can to learn more about the tech industry in order to grow with and help develop the voice of these companies.  JSMM is also a strong leader within the tech industry in the digital marketing sector. Events like Techweek are a fantastic way to grow as a company and make connections in the industry. Kansas City is and will continue to be a catalyst for growth in the tech industry and we love taking part in this growth!