JSMM Features Instagram as Top Social Network for Creative Romance Month

February is Creative Romance Month, so the team at JSMM is highlighting some of the most critical and successful creative, digital strategies.

Instagram and its creative founders have managed to carve out its top of the pack position among social media platforms in a short time. With just 100 million users in early 2013, the app has now grown to a staggering 400 + million users. Instagram is the only platform where there’s no requirement to “boost” a post in order to be seen by followers and it allows brands the freedom to display their personality in a visually pleasing way, thus providing endless creative options.

The key to Instagram success lies in designing effective and creative ad campaigns and image posts. Instagram is all about beautiful photography and design, and this doesn’t change as far as advertising content. Sprinklr teamed up with Instagram and found the best creative practices necessary when creating your brand include a strong concept, image balance, a clear focal point and inspirational imagery.

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Photo credit to: Connie McCollom

Strong Concept

A strong and compelling concept is imperative to drive metrics when advertising on Instagram. An underlying message in which people instantly connect with is a must in order to have brand messages resonate with your audience. Birth an idea from start to finish, allow it to come to life through a storyline, or a specific visual treatment or theme that reflects your brand’s content.

Offer a Unique Perspective

Focus on aspects of your brand or your products that are unique, or even give followers a backstage or behind the scenes feel to your content. Let them feel like they are seeing something they can’t see anywhere else.

Frame and Balance

Pleasant composition is achieved when you straighten, balance elements, and use the rule of thirds and symmetry. This will make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of the image. Using compositional grid lines to ensure your creative is framed correctly could help enormously. If the subject of the photo is off center and has nothing left to balance the empty space of the image, the final product will not resonate with followers.

Clear Focal Point

Brands that use focal points in their Instagram ad campaigns are able to successfully direct attention to specific elements that enhance brand recall and inspire action. Your intended audience’s attention will only be held for a few seconds at best, so it’s best to decide what you want the viewer to remember about the image. To accomplish this, arrange the image so the focus is where you want it and avoid using busy or overly complex imagery.
Implementing the above into your brand’s Instagram ad campaign could mean the difference between viewers scrolling past your content or viewing clicking on your content for more information.

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