JSMM Launches Free Digital Assessment for B2B & B2C Brands

Companies large and small are continuously looking for ways to improve their digital presence and drive more online leads. One of the issues they often face is that they have a fragmented strategy and they struggle to understand which area of marketing and sales are best to focus on. While some brands have too many layers and have hit a plateau, others struggle to understand where to invest a limited marketing budget. For that reason, JSMM has created a free, digital assessment that is designed to take a quick snapshot of where you rank today so you can begin to add more sophisticated layers in the future.

Get your Free Digital Assessment Score. Answer just a few short questions designed to help you start planning your digital strategy.

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The assessment will rank your company in the areas of SEO, brand voice, digital ads and more and then provide a score that will help us evaluate your complete digital strategy and offer suggestions for improvement.

For over a decade, we have worked with many diverse industries, client sizes and situations and the assessment was created with all of this in mind. We hope that this will be a useful tool and one in which any business can take advantage of today.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary 15 min call with a digital strategist to review your results over the phone, please call 816.221.1040 or contact us to request a call.