JSMM Launches Social Media Strategy, Content Development and SEO for Las Vegas Automotive Parts and Car Wrap Company

By: Chelsea Lewis, social media marketing manager at JSMM

Jennings Social Media & MarTech (JSMM) has been managing the Motostew Plus social media strategy for several months including Twitter, Facebook, Marketwire press releases, SEO, social network ads and contests.  To date, its Facebook page has grown exponentially, from zero to nearly 5,000 fans and has increased customer engagement on both Twitter and Facebook.

The biggest success was the launch of Motostew Plus’ first Facebook contest that ran from May through June.  During that time, Motostew Plus’ Facebook page tripled its fan growth and the company acquired nearly 1,000 email addresses.  The announcement of the press release was also picked up by a variety of major news outlets including Yahoo! and

JSMM recently created and launched a new Facebook tab for Motostew Plus’ online storefront using Shopify.  JSMM anticipates that customers will take advantage of the ability to purchase jeep accessories, off-roading and 4×4.  JSMM also expects to use Viral Bolt Media to produce and viralize a number of “Do It Yourself” videos to show off Motostew Plus’ expertise.

JSMM wanted to provide Motostew Plus with a comprehensive marketing strategy that would increase SEO and SMO, boost customer engagement across social networks, drive traffic to its website and company events including Cars and Coffee and most importantly increase its overall sales growth.

Motostew Plus is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow us on Twitter at @motostewplus and “Like” us on Facebook.