JSMM Project Profile: Automotive Dealership Tests Facebook Advertising to Drive Online Leads and Brand Awareness

The Internet has changed the car-buying game for good. No longer do shoppers have to go from car dealership to car dealership searching for that perfect deal. According to a study from Accenture, 80 percent of consumers looking to purchase a vehicle use some form of digital technology to research their buying preferences and 62 percent of consumers looking to purchase a vehicle are initiating the car-buying process online, including browsing social media channels. 


Recently, a Honda dealership client of JSMM’s wanted to test Facebook advertising to drive web leads and brand building. The month-long campaign utilized website click ads, promoting preowned inventory in the local market. In total, the preowned vehicle campaign and brand-building campaign reached over 220,600 people and the ad campaign generated 1,079 website clicks and 35 web leads on a $500 budget.



A Honda dealership.  


The dealership wanted to test Facebook advertising to see if there was a viable audience interested in preowned inventory and wanted to build a customer lead generation base to enhance its online marketing program. The social media initiative had built a very solid audience that was maturing nicely, so the agency suggested kicking it into a higher gear.  


JSMM created Facebook ads to promote preowned inventory, send traffic to the offers, track leads and report results. The team also engaged the Facebook community with offers and news by promoting specific posts that showcased inventory, offers and testimonials. At the end of the month, the client’s Facebook engagements were tracked and reported through Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel.


JSMM consulted with the dealership and decided on a total budget of $500. The JSMM team created ads, social media content and tracking reports. To generate leads, the JSMM team launched a preowned vehicle campaign, which reached almost 110,000 people in a targeted audience and resulted in 1,079 website clicks.

The remainder of the budget went to a brand-building campaign to build social media reach and brand awareness. The team created several promoted posts, which cost a total of $70. This campaign, while small, resulted in several hundred engagements and reached an average of almost 1,100  people per post at a budget of only about $10 per post.