JSMM Recognizes Importance of Early Female Technology Adopters

According to a report by Intel researcher Genevieve Bell, women in technology are underrepresented, but in fact, women use technology and mobile devices at a rate of 17 percent more than men. Women are also the fastest growing demographic of users on all social networking sites and internet enabled devices, including readers, healthcare devices and GPS.


This news comes as no surprise to the JSMM team, that consists of early adopters, tech enthusiasts, passionate leaders, mentors and more. Our team, powered by the “JSMM Experience”, not only consists largely of female social media early adopters, but also values women’s contribution to the tech industry.

After all, Valerie Jennings, CEO of JSMM, was only 24 when she began the company and introduced social media to her clients in 2006 for free as an experiment! Social media wasn’t on the marketing radar yet, but Jennings saw the power of the internet and hopped aboard. For more than a decade, JSMM has been delivering research and analysis based results, while constantly pushing the envelope, reaching for the next big thing and never standing still.

The goal of JSMM is to disrupt the marketplace just enough that people ask the right questions, but to also restore faith in people and business by mentoring and providing results. The JSMM team is excited to witness the success of the next decade of female early adopters, techies and entrepreneurs!