JSMM Reviews Wyndham ® Extra Holidays Social Media

By Micah Pratt, president of JSMM

In lieu of the New Year and all things social, I wanted to spend a moment reviewing our work with Wyndham ® Extra Holidays. The brand’s social media has evolved so much since 2009 when JSMM first began working with the team. We are so grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to launch EH’s social media very early in the social media, travel and e-commerce spaces.

What we learned- a lot. To say the least over time, we have found the need for a more aggressive and geo-targeted strategy with influencers, bloggers and media; more aggressive SEO across channels; and most importantly, the opportunity to fully integrate social with e-commerce. All of these items combined, gives us deeper perspective into the next year. Check out the Facebook page, blog or YouTube.

Thank you for being a great client. Happy 2013.